Who Can Benefit From a Partnership?

As a high growth, independent insurance brokerage platform, we offer attractive options to insurance brokerage professionals with varying needs

Agency Owners

Many independent agencies spend too much time on parts of their business that do not directly add value to their clients or the agency.

  • Opportunity to increase earnings, income, and wealth
  • Administrative service support
  • Recruiting support
  • Carrier and product solutions
  • Provide product and geographic diversity
  • Access to our experienced business management team


As a high growth business, we offer highly attractive producer packages. We also provide you with resources to hit the ground running. Whether it’s access to product experts, additional client resources, a larger support team or a faster growth trajectory, Superior Insurance Partners is uniquely equipped to help you succeed.

  • Earn higher commission rates
  • Access product line experts to increase close rate
  • Leadership opportunities in practice verticals
  • We accommodate non-compete agreements

Retiring Agents

Many retiring agents have spent a lifetime building a reputable agency. Superior Insurance Partners gives retiring agents an opportunity to monetize value and build a customized succession plan providing team members with stability and customers with ongoing service.

  • Develop a succession plan
  • Ensure customers are left in good hands
  • Generate liquidity and realize value
  • Eliminate ongoing liabilities from closing agency
  • Access to flexible capital

Let’s talk about how our partnership can benefit you!

Our Mission is to improve the lives and support the needs of our Agency Partners